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I'm a quilting, knitting, sewing, cooking,reading, gardening nut who can never find enough hours in the day to get it all done. Then again, getting it all done is out-of-the question. I'm too easily distracted.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi Chicks.
Still feeling pretty bad about being such a lazy blogger. So many opportunities come along to provide fun topics to write about, but pure laziness keeps me from following through. I am ashamed.

Yesterday I went to Labor Of Love Yarn Shop in Romeo. Love that store. Very friendly owners & customers. Took a pattern with me that I purchased while in NYC, and found some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in a rather bright almost cornflower blue. I imagine it would look nice with a pair of jeans, a white T, and some silver jewelry. Hopefully the vision I have will actually become the sweater I intend it to be. I had no problem casting on, but by the third row I had already goofed it up and frogged it. Then I moped and pouted, and questioned WHY I felt I needed to be a knitter. But this yarn is yummy.....THAT is why I must knit!

Today Nancy, Faye and I traveled to South Lyon to one of our favorite quilt shops, Lake St. Mercantile. I never really got past the entrance of the store. I was immediately smitten with the Simpson & Minick line Flag Day Farm. I spent more than an hour sorting and arranging fabrics to make my version of a quilt in the Red Wagon book Every Seven Years.
There are several very good applique quilts in the Red Wagon book..........the cover quilt is a nice example.....
I need to go fondle my fabric.......so I'm outta here!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm A Very Bad Blogger

No photos to post...I'm just here to admit to you all that I am a very bad blogger. My excuses are mostly lame. I spent some time getting ready for a quilt retreat at the farm, and I enjoyed it very much. Faye at Mimi's Passions posted the photos of our sewing fun within moments of her arrival at home, even though she has a crazy, hectic life that involves work and ailing parents and in-laws.

I, however, left the retreat to deal with several inches of water in my basement at home. That basement was where my stash lives. Some of that stash was on the floor...or near the floor. Some was lost, some fabrics bled into others but survived the hot water washing and will be used someday, somehow. Books and magazines absorbed many times their weight in water and are now entoumbed in the landfill.

Framed photos, childrens artwork, and scrapbooking supplies met with the same fate. Some could be saved, others, not.

Roaring fans and horrible, obnoxious odors have made our home an unpleasant place to be, but slowly the smells are fading and hope is returning.........the carpet can be saved and the walls are drying, without any evidence of mold.

As life begins to return to normal, the call of my needle and thread grow stronger and I will soon take a photo of something created by my hands.

(Sure is a dramatic way of saying my freaking basement flooded, huh?)

Talk to ya soon chicks.