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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Simply Vintage Finish

Another block completed...That's 4 down and 5 to go. I actually have been working on block #5 at the same time as this one...so hopefully I'll have it done and posted soon!
I also pulled out the yo yo's and worked on them for a bit.
I started this project last summer. This summer I'm wondering what on earth made me think thise was such a great idea. I know I said when I started them that this was one of those projects with no due date...that I could work on whenever I wanted and put away again....but the darn things TALK to me and want to be finished....What started out as fun has become a monkey on my back.

Here's a quick peek at part of my tomato harvest: We aren't having the best weather here for tomato growing. Too much cool weather, too much rain.
This gorgeous creature and I met last week at the Armada Fair. I'll share more pics from fair week another time.

Have a great one, Chicks!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Road Trip....Labor Of Love Yarn & Fiber Arts

I woke up this morning with an urge to get out of the house....so I got in the car and headed north to check out the new location of Labor of Love Yarn, now located at 246 North Main in Romeo, Michigan.
The house that the shop is located in is beautiful, don't you think?
The interior is beautiful also...my pics just don't do the place justice.

She has a couple of nice work tables..and plenty of natural light. SO important when choosing colors!
Oooohhh. So Pretty......
That's just a tiny piece of one of the many stained glass windows in the shop.
And lastly, here is a peek at a little something I picked up while at the shop....

I had a nice visit with Tina and her friends at the shop. Hope you can make some time to go see her too!
Later Chicks!

Friday, August 14, 2009

How About This Heat?

It's certailny a hot one out there....summer took it's time getting here and now we're getting plenty of it. My friend Faye is out on Woodward Avenue enjoying The Woodward Dream Cruise...I sure hope she's got lots of water, a hat & some sunscreen!

I spent some time out by the pool this afternoon, chatting with my favorite neighbor. It was delightful. I forget how much I like doing that, and I don't do that nearly enough! Thanks for getting me out there, Shawn!

Before I went out I finished a block of the Hawaiian Quilt. It looks sad, taped up on the wall, but I'm looking forward to getting this top put together! This is the last of the 9 blocks I'll be doing. My origional plan called for 12, but I think I'm done with 9.
Here is my latest start for the Simply Vintage quilt:
I'm enjoying this one. I have another one that I work on , on and off....but it's not ready for a photo. Maybe it will be a finish soon.
This is a sampler I started a couple of years ago. I put it away, and I've been thinking that I needed another skein of floss but learned that I didn't. Did about an hours worth of work on it yesterday, only to discover that I'd messed up badly and had to rip out all my stitches. (I guess I could have pressed it before the pic, aye?) Lesson learned: Don't stitch when angry.
I have no idea why this pic loaded sideways. I hate when that happens.

Lastly, a pic of Jasmine. She likes to sit in the sunroom on a hot day, in her chair near the a/c vent. Her quilt is one I rescued from a garage sale. It didn't sell, and it was going to be dropped at the Salvation Army. I couldn't let that happen. So Jasmine enjoys it's cool, cottony goodness. I just love those whales. Too cute!

That's it for me girls. I'm not getting any sewing done while I'm blogging.
Oh...one last thing. My SIL Alyson is walking this weekend in the Breast Cancer 3 Day....... She's such a do-er...and has a great heart. I know that she has completed her 20 miles for the day...Congrats to you, Al. You are Awesome!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Nice Little Sunday

Despite waking up at the crack of dawn with a world-class headache, the day, so far, has been a great one. A hot one....it was already 88* by 1pm.....(90* by 6pm)
Stopped and snapped a photo of the rock (I can't help it...)

Here's a pic of my meager garden harvest....I did eat quite a few bite size tomato's before I snapped the picture....

My main reason for heading to the farm (with that stupid headache) was to get a photo of my latest finish:

The pattern is Looking Glass by Miss Rosie. The machine quilting is by Karen McDavitt (if I have that wrong, will one if you girls let me know so I can correct the name?) I wasn't very fond of it before it was quilted...but now that that is done and it's washed it has turned all crinkly and squishy and I love it.

My Hunk Of Burnin' Love worked very hard this week....and one of the things that makes him happiest is sitting in his barn, relaxing, listening to the race or the game on the radio......
Hopefully soon he'll be able to connect the satellite and television and watch his sports out there.

That's all for now chicks............

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby has a Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday Coco!

As seen on The Rock

I guess Jason loves Mary.