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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Very Scrappy Quilt

This is the very bright, Very Scrappy Quilt.  It's still on the floor at the farm, waiting for me to sew the last three seams.  I actually worked on this for awhile after I took the photo, so the piecing at this point is all but done.

I need to make a decision on borders now.  Its been more than a week since I've worked on it so I don't remember the dimensions, so if, at this point, the quilt is the right size for that batik back that I bought in Cinci I will be calling it complete.  I'll know tomorrow when I get back to work on it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just 15 Minutes....

 That's all I have to get this post together and done with....so I'm just showing you one pic from my purchases from the Cincinnati Quilt Show that I went to with Tim this weekend.
I was really taken by all the bright colors.
When I was at Paducah about 2 years ago, (if I remember correctly) Sew Batik was at the show vending.  They had pre-cut extra-wide fabrics...and I didn't get any.  This time when I saw them I had a quilt all ready for a bright back and I didn't pass up the chance to make the purchase of a 3 yard piece of 108" wide batik.
I bought several fats and half yard cuts from various vendors, and Vogue Fabrics was there with large racks of pre cut yardage at FANTASTIC prices.  Those are the long rolled up fabrics in the picture.  The batiks were under $6 per yard....and I would have grabbed more but my bag was getting heavy even for Tim to be carrying.  I decided that I'd buy just what I knew I would be able to use on current projects, and I can only hope that they will be at the show in Grand Rapids .  If not, I'll hopefully see them in Cinci again next year!  And I'll be carrying a second bag to even out the load........
That's it for now, girls.  Im going to go cut into some of this fabric now!