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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Finished Quilt

I'm hanging my head in shame…this quilt has been quilted and bound since shortly after my last post…and it has been folded….waiting for finished photos.
But that isn't really why I'm hanging my head in shame….
I missed the baby shower.
I also failed to respond to the invitation!
Shaking my head.
Where has my mind/memory gone?  What is wrong with me?

So here are the belated pics.  The baby has not yet been born (unless I've been stricken from their  announcement list and I won't be notified of the birth or anything else ever again!)

 I spent more than an hour trying to get a good photo…and kept failing.
I've had plenty of opportunities on the cloudy, crappy days we've had here to get a good shot.  Today's pictures all look too dark or blown out.  No happy medium…..
I'll try again later when the inevitable clouds return to block out this mornings sunshine.

I pieced some scraps to make the back large enough…and used a wider binding than usual because I liked the way it looked.

Close up :

The last baby quilt I made (the Big Love quilt) has made it's way to it's new owner in Colorado.  According to my tracking number it arrived yesterday morning.  I am looking forward to seeing a photo of that sweet baby girl Brynley with it in the near future!