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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Give Me n Inch....

And I will take up the whole house.
A serendipitous turn of events left me with an empty house this weekend (as well as the rare opportunity to use the word Serendipitous!)
Friday included a trip to the farm, the airport, and a wedding.
A very nice wedding....with a beautiful couple and really, ReallY good food.
Saturday was mostly mine...
Two of the Silvia's, Claudette and Sue, came by to finish up Sue's quilt that she started at our farm retreat back in February.  It's is Sue's first quilt....and she plunged right into it fearlessly. 
We worked together to finish sewing down the binding....and now the quilt is set to be given to Sue's daugheter at her high school grad party next weekend.

After the girls left the day was all mine, and I proceeded to spread out.

I'm working on a scrap quilt....trying my darnedest to work my way thru parts of my stash that I want out of the way. Too many new projects waiting to be shopped for and started, but no space for them has forced me to clear this stuff out.
The problem with that is the more I cut, the more that scrap pile grows...and so I must continue to cut.

No telling how large this quilt will be.
I'll keep you posted.

p.s.....where are the pics of my quilt?  Trapped somewhere in my camera.
I probably cant blame the camera.