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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Didn't Do Anything Creative Today....

Because today the furnace and ductwork had to be cleaned.  18 years of dust and cat hair sucked out and taken away....hopefully the time I WILL NOT have to spend dusting will now be spent sewing and dreaming and pinning things on Pinterest.

Tonight there was a Food Truck Rally (as part of a fundraiser for a local art center) in The Clem.
If you are from my area you know what I'm talking about.
It was a coolish evening, but not so cool that you couldn't hang out, eat, and enjoy the people watching.
There were a good number of trucks in town tonight...and the offerings were pretty awesome!

 Rob and Brandy joined us....
So did Cliff, Claudette and Karen.  Why didn't I get their pic?

 Perogies.  OMG the Perogies.  Especially the spinach and artichoke.  DELISH!

 Bath City Roller Girls.  I've ALWAYS loved Roller Derby.  Ever since I was a young girl and saw Rachel Welch in Kansas City Bomber.  They are actually looking for more roller girls....I wonder.  Am I too old  for this sport?

Lordy....I had the pork taco.  Tim had chicken.  Rob had the chimichanga.  All fantastic.

The kids from The School of Rock provided the entertainment.  They were pretty darn good.
(So why didn't I get THEIR pic??)

So that's it.  That was my evening....arrived at home in time for the presidential debates.
I will NOT be discussing that here!

Have a great evening!