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I'm a quilting, knitting, sewing, cooking,reading, gardening nut who can never find enough hours in the day to get it all done. Then again, getting it all done is out-of-the question. I'm too easily distracted.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fiber Fun

A drive up to Romeo yesterday took me to Labor Of Love Yarn Shop….
I've had a yarn craving for awhile…ever since I finished by cabled boot toppers.

Today I cast on for the Honey Cowl with my Madelinetosh wool merino.  Color:  Candlewick.
It's so soft…how is it that I've never had any of this before?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Knit Finish

It's snowing outside today, and that provides a perfect opportunity to photograph and wear my latest finish:

These are my Boot Cuffs / Legwarmers from a pattern by Mockingbird Knits.  I used a Shephards Pride wool…size 4 and 6 dpn's.

 I actually made 2 pair, but they looked almost identical in the photos I took so I'm just showing the one.
With this finish, I get to cross projects off of my 2015 UFO list!  I am doing a little happy dance!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Slow and Steady...

I'm making progress this morning on my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.
I'm trying to take my time and enjoy the process rather than speed my way through it.

I've been questioning my need to make so many things and try to get them done quickly.
I didn't start quilting to make a lot of quilts…I started with the sole purpose of making one.
Somehow that morphed into making more…and collecting tons of fabric and magazines and patterns….and in having far too many projects in various stages of unfinished,  to be left languishing until I was no longer interested in finishing them.

And that makes me uncomfortable.

My friend Nancy, as part of our mini-groups Christmas gift exchange, gave me a print out of a UFO Challenge for 2015.  When I got home form our latest get together I was able to jot down, in probably less that 2 or 3 minutes, 9 unfinished projects without even stepping foot into my sewing space and having a look around.
That was a little upsetting.  Especially when some of these projects are ones that I was SO excited to get started on Way Back When…..

So.  I'm hoping to slow myself down a bit.  Enjoy the Process without feeling the need for Production.

Let's see if I can stick to this train of thought.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nichole Makes A Quilt….

A Jellyroll Race by Nichole…...

Lots and lots of sewing of strips…ENDLESS, repetitive sewing……..

 When Nichole began to tire from sewing the strips together, Danielle would play The William Tell Overture to keep Nichole motivated….

 Ta Dah!

The Binding has been attached…and is waiting to be sewn down….

To Be Continued…….

Monday, January 5, 2015

Instant Gratification

Sometimes you just need a quick project, especially when you are in the middle of a project that is taking tooooo long.
This was one of those projects.
I made these for Nikki---

 The last set of bags I made for her were a few years old and starting to look pretty gross.

So I pulled out my tried and true Purse-Nickities pattern by Lazy Girl Designs……..
And in just a couple hours I had these two bags done.  Nikki saw this fabric at the local quilt shop and fell in love with it…..so I grabbed a yard this and of the lining fabric.  Way more than I needed to make the bags (they require 2 fat quarters + 1 zipper)…but I liked it too and I know I'll use whats left for other projects!

Grand Illusion Mystery, Continued...

This is the project that never ends.
I've been working on these blocks since the day after Thanksgiving, 2014.
I'm just about done with this one…and very glad for that.
I'm getting pretty sick of working on it.
So…here's a quick shot of my design wall, with just a few of the blocks that are completed.
There is still sashing and a couple borders to work on….UGH.

It's bright.
It's bold.
Tim says it makes him think of salad.(?)  Yep.  That's what he said.

If you have been to The Grand Hotel you know that this would be right at home there…The interior is a riot of color and pattern that once you have experienced you will never forget.

I have to get back to work on this…..I have other projects begging to be started…quilted…bound.
I'll have to chat with you later….