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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Like A Challenge

Or I'm an idiot.  Not sure which.
I have other things I could tell you about.
Like opening my garage door Monday afternoon and finding a (pocket-sized) dog locked inside.
Or opening my BBQ and finding (another) birds nest (filled with eggs).
Or I could show you more pics of the trip to NC.

But I'm lazy....so I'm going to start with this instead and if I get up the motivation (at a later date) to show and tell the other stories I will.
But for now....the challenge.

I finished this quilt top this week.  I bought the kit from Guildcrafters many, many months ago.  I don't know why I bought it because I found working on it to be a dreadfull experience.  I hated the fabric choices, the lack of variety, etc.  I will NOT buy another one of these kits.  (Next time you see me with one in my hands you have my permission to SLAP ME SILLY.)
So anyway, weeks back I made the 1/2 square triangles, and this week I laid them out on the floor.
After laying them out I just dreaded the idea of sewing them together.  More precisely, I dreaded the idea of getting in and out of my sewing chair and walking back and forth to where I had laid them out......
So I decided, after leaving the blocks on the floor for a couple of hours that I didn't want to pick them up and stash them away for ever....that I would just set my old machine up on the floor and sew like I did when I was a kid SO lazy that I couldn't even clean off my desk top to do my homework and would just spread out and work on the floor.

So anyway, it took Monday night to sew the blocks into rows, and most of Tuesday to get the rows sewn and pressed, and here is is, Saturday, and I'm finally getting around to taking photos....
Of course, I couldn't take any photos until today due to rain and lightning and MORE FRIGGING  RAIN....but today it's  WIND that I am battling....And THAT is what today's challenge is.  Trying to get  a picture of the damn thing.

Like I said, I'm not in the least bit fond of this quilt....so I'll be finishing it myself and giving it away to the next charity in need.
And that's that.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sometimes I make mistakes....

I did have a couple of pics from our overnight roadside stay:
 We look so well rested, dont we?
 Stray dog.  He actually looked both ways before he crossed the road. 
Our very scenic view.  Mountains.  Fog.  Semi's.

Our view has changed quite a bit since we arrived at Tom Johnson's RV Resort:

RV'rs like their tow vehicles to match their rigs.  (Photos loaded huge...click for correct image!)
This ain't tent camping, chicks.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

But I Did Stay In A Holiday Inn Last Night......

Oh no I did not!
(Monday, 16, 2011)
Location:  Somewhere north of Bluefield, West Virginia....No photos because it is dark and foggy.
We slept /stayed at a rest stop somewhere near Bluefield, WV.  I think.  With no cell phone service, no Internet connection, and no local radio station to tell us anything except that we were going to burn in the fires of HELL because we had not been saved, it was impossible to pinpoint our exact location.
Of course, we did have the option of getting out of our rv and walking over to the sign that tells you that You Are Here.......but it was very dark.  A little scary.  So we remained uninformed.

West Virgina, while being breathtakingly scenic, offers little in the way of food or lodging when traveling along I 77.  We drove past the capital city of Charelston, where we saw a high rise Marriott, but didn't think we wanted to maneuver the motor home thru city streets, and we ASSumed that there would be an exit on the outskirts with lots of hotel choices and restaurants .
There weren't.
Nary a restaurant (not even a Bisquit World????) nor a skanky motel were to be seen past Summerville. (Remember Summerville kids?  And Summersville Lake Retreat?  The Liger?  The fire that Would Not Start!?)
So we pulled off into the rest stop, parked amongst the idleing semi's, and attempted to sleep.
I had my earplugs in which did next to nothing to block out the  WISH sound of the airbrakes of the trucks, or the Womp Womp Womp sound of their J Brakes..... and wondered if we would die from carbon monoxide ppoisoning from the running truck engines parked just a few feet from where I attempted sleep..)

We awoke, un-refreshed, and Tim joked about how there was probably a huge exit just ahead with tons of restaurants and hotels.....and damn it if that wasn't the case.
There was even a Country Inn and Suites (My usual  lodging choice) and every imaginable restaurant (including a Biscuit World, Waffle House, and a Bob Evans, among others....
We stopped for gas ($154 bucks....)  and eventually Bob Evans for breakfast,
Got back I-77....and navigated hairpin turns at breakneck speeds in rain and fog..........

Sights we are seeing:  Mine Rescue Trailers
                                    Porn Palaces
                                    Endless Rain
Sights we did not see: "Nipple Mountain"" (too foggy)

To Be Continued...................