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Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold Monday Afternoon

Not alot to show, but I can show you this:
That's me in my snazzy new winter overalls, my Christmas gift from my always thoughtful spouse. I love them They are super comfy, they accentuate all my curves, that rusty orange color is Uber-Flattering, and with the right accessories you can wear them anywhere.

Since I cant seem to wrap my mind around sewing lately, I have some blogs you should check out and you can see the cool things that are being created "out there"!
First of all, check out the Love Quilt at Lazy Girl Quilting. I love it!

Then go check out the tiny stars at Brown Dirt Cottage. She's also working on some concentric circle HAND quilting on her chunky Churn dash.

Go see A Simple Girl...she's getting hooked on 9 patches...and we all love those things, don't we?

And lastly, if you want some free stitchery patterns, go see The Noble Wife.

Have fun, and don't stay on the computer too long. You've got some sewin' to do!


bakerfam77 said...

Those sure are some mighty fine overalls you have on!!!! You need to take a vacation down to FL, it's supposed to be 83 tomorrow, then a cold front!!! Look forward to your next post to see what you're up to.. Danielle

Sharon said...

If you ever come back up here, I'd be happy to loan them to you....
I'm sure we could roll up the legs and cinch the waist.
Enjoy your weather. We're due for a cold front as well, but it's going to have us in the single digits (before the wind chill).

Mimi said...

Sharon, you are so fashionable. I am sure your NY daughter would be so proud!!!

Nancy said...

Hey country "Chicklet", you're looking pretty happy in those snazzy overalls. You're turning from a city girl into a country girl more each day. Thanks for the blog sites to check out. Nothing better than getting more inspiration from creative women.