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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post-Headache Progress

After a week-long headache, I found myself awake and feeling almost human this morning....so I blew off the housework that has been neglected, braved some hideous weather that included rain, freezing rain, some snowflakes and hail to drive out to the farm and get some sewing done.
I've been working on a Miss Rosie pattern (and I cannot remember the name of it now) and I'm using my pink and brown fat quarters.
The majority of the top is done:

And now I have somewhere around 280 squares to join together for a border:

I did some bathtub reading this week, and finished ( quickly) this read by Kate Jacobs.
Im still on the library wait list for the sequel of The Friday Night Knit Club, and I hope I get the call soon that a copy is available. I really like this author (and I think you chicks would like this book too!)

I guess that is all for now, Chicks. Talk to you again soon!


Mimi said...

I love the quilt Sharon. Glad to hear you are feeling up to quilting again. Hope the "headache free" days last a little longer for you.

Gracie said...

Love the quilt! Wish my headache would go away so I could be more productive. Hey, I'm reading that Knit Club book. Jury is still out on how good it is. I'm only half way through because of this HEADACHE!

Janet said...

I like your quilt very much - pink and brown is such a pretty combination.