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Friday, May 1, 2009

I believe it might just be spring!

My daff's are all a'bloom & happy, as are the tulips:

This time of year I get a little nuts and jump from one project to the next, rarely finishing anything.
Here are 2 (almost) finishes:
First....my chair. Liberated from the trash at least 10, maybe 12 years ago. Had a green faux finish on it that I didn't hate, so I left it alone. Eventually recovered the ratty seat with a scrap of fabric that the cat decided to shred. Covered that with the leopard scrap I found somewhere about a year ago.
Here it is, awaiting a little distressing and a coat or 2 of wax:

I also bought a can of aqua spray paint and put a couple coats on this plastic dress form...I think it came from Hudsons/Marshall Fields when they turned it into Macys.... It is currently dressed in a Jose Castro Original.........sent to The New Emily as a Thank You after her internship in Spain and her assistance at Paris Fashion Week..........you cant see much of the dress form....but you can see that it is a slightly shocking color combo.

One last thing........this story just texted to me by The New Emily. She is out and about in NYC, picking up a sweater from Maison Martin Margiela, a store so expensive (Emily's words) that they don't even have price tags on their clothing.
She was walking to catch a cab and she saw......Meg Ryan! Anyway, she politely asked (because she was so well-raised) if she was, in fact, Meg Ryan and of course Meg Ryan said yes.....So Em proceeds to tell her that she and her roommate, who have viewed and enjoyed You've Got Mail, go to Cafe Lalo all the time (I believe that is where Meg sat waiting for Tom Hanks, with Pride and Prejudice and a rose). The conversation, however short, ended with a Thank You (because apparently Meg was also well-raised) and a hand shake. At which point Emily went back to work.
And that ends your vicarious brush with fame.
Have a great day!


Mimi said...

Oh to be young and living in New York! Did the new Emily ever wear that lucsious pink frock? It looks so European. Also, LOVE the newly painted chair and especially the leopard print seat. Wish I had flowers like yours here. It does definitely look like Spring is here and here to stay.

Sharon said...

From your lips to Mother Nature's Ears! Let's hope spring is here to stay this time!

I can't say that I ever saw Em wear it anywhere....but i saw it on her and it was very dramatic....I think it is supposed to be belted somehow.
Yea....I love the the chair too. Thanks.

Claudette said...

I am the queen of the unfinished project - felt so good that day at the farm to wipe out several of them all in one day - i need another day like that again.

I love the chair but of course i see everything as a photo prop or a photo op - this would be a prop - the flowers and dress form an op!

Must mention i am so jealous that Em got to meet Meg! I am sure it is one of many celeb encounters she is bound to have!

Nancy said...

Ok...let me just say WOW! Your spring flowers are beautiful....I absolutely love the lines of the chair and I love what you've done to it.....the dress form is so you and the designer pink top is gorgeous. How exciting it must be to be young and living in NYC where you can bump into celebrities on any corner.

Gracie said...

I love the chair but I'm sooo jealous that Em got to talk with Meg Ryan. I've loved her since her days in the soaps.