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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Simply Vintage Finish

Another block completed...That's 4 down and 5 to go. I actually have been working on block #5 at the same time as this one...so hopefully I'll have it done and posted soon!
I also pulled out the yo yo's and worked on them for a bit.
I started this project last summer. This summer I'm wondering what on earth made me think thise was such a great idea. I know I said when I started them that this was one of those projects with no due date...that I could work on whenever I wanted and put away again....but the darn things TALK to me and want to be finished....What started out as fun has become a monkey on my back.

Here's a quick peek at part of my tomato harvest: We aren't having the best weather here for tomato growing. Too much cool weather, too much rain.
This gorgeous creature and I met last week at the Armada Fair. I'll share more pics from fair week another time.

Have a great one, Chicks!


Jackie said...

WOW! I LOVE your block! The striped background really, really makes a huge impact with the design.

Mimi said...

Love, love, love your applique block and I still love the yo-yo's. you just need to put them in a sound proof box when you don't want to work on them. The tomatoes are looking quite yummy and did Mr. Rooster come home to visit with you?

Nancy said...

Everytime I see another one of your applique blocks I want to get started on one. They're wonderful! I took a picture of an antique yoyo quilt on a bed while on vacation....I'll have to share that with you. Did you buy that handsome fellow in the picture? I know you're itching to get a hen house out on the farm.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the compliments chicks! And no, that stunning creature did NOT come home to the farm with me. I resisted the urge to open that cage and tuck him inside my bag......

Sandy said...

Sharon, Faye directed me to your blog and I have to tell you that I went back and read through all of them. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Your work is lovely.

Gracie said...

I love your blocks and the yoyo's still make me twitter. I have to get back to mine. So when are you getting some chickies of your own for the farm?