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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instant Gratification Project

I made these 2 make up bags this weekend (from my stash, with the exception of the zippers). I am donating them to my Sister In Law Alyson to use as door prizes for one of her Breast Cancer 3 Day fundraisers. She and her team are hosting an all day crop that I will be unable to attend (due to my trip to Paducah!!! and Talladega!) so I thought I'd hurry up and do something to help her out. I am hoping to make one or two more.....and I will be heading out to the farm later this morning to get to work .
I really working on these types of projects...finished rather quickly and with materials on hand.

You chicks have a great day.....


Mimi said...

I agree....instant gratification is a good thing. They turned out so pretty. Does it actually open up flat? Love your fabric choices, too. Have fun at the farm!

Sandy said...

Very cute!

Nancy said...

These are so darn cute. I love mine.