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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tim and Sharon's Big Adventure 2...Hallodega Edition


You should be looking at a picture....What the heck happened to the frigging picture?Anyway........
It was supposed to be a picture of the balled up, ripped up RV awning.
It's ok to chuckle. Laugh. Gaffaw, if you will.

It's ok.
I did.
It happened like this.

We were driving down I-75 We were near Flatrock, MI . High wind warnings are posted on the electronic billboards. The winds make staying in our lane difficult, if not impossible....but Trucker Tim is at the wheel and everything is under control.

We were making tracks in the fast lane, passing a very long line of slow trucks, when we heard a very loud BANG!
I looked out my window and yelled "Shit Tim! The Awning! YOU HAVE TO GET OVER! THE AWNING IS GONE!
By gone I meant open......unfurled....flapping in the wind and metal supports dragging on the ground.

(As I said before....it's ok to laugh.)

I co-piloted Tim across the 2 right lanes to the shoulder, all the while asking "Are the flashers on? Are the flashers on? The flashers....ARE THEY ON????"

So we make it to the shoulder, alive.....(no images were taken for safety reasons....) I think we both were concerned that we might be taken ou by a passing semi....

We secured the awning with bungee straps and drove slowly along the shoulder to the exit and pulled into a parking lot. Tim decided the canvas was beyond repair and cut it off the frame with
our trusty Ginsu knife.
(Cant locate the pic of this either. Maybe I was in shock and didn't actually take a pic of this!)
He secured the awning frame to the motorhome with the bungee straps, and then deposited our destroyed awning in a dumpster.

It was at that point that I felt overcome with laughter.....(because it really was funny.....in a scary-OMG-It -Could-Have-Been-So-Much-Worse kind of way.

Ps.......shortly after that we had to pull off the road after the winds got so strong that we felt the motor home lift up off the road. WE are now in Bowling Green Ohio....in the Hampton Inn.
There is an old hotel turned flop house (for lack of a better word) across the parking lot and there is someone in the room above us who must weigh 650 pounds....judging from the sound of their foot steps.

Im not sure that we will be going much further with this adventure. Tim is ready to throw in the towel. We'll see if a night's sleep will make for a more optomistic tomorrow.....


Mimi said...

Oh brother! You two and your adventures. Hopefully the wind will die down tonight and you can continue on your way. Be safe!

Nancy said...

OK. I will admit that I was laughing (you did say we could laugh) while reading about your adventures of the day. All I could picture was a motorhome rolling down I-75 with the awning down. What a sight that would be! Remember to jot this one down to add to your book. Have a safe journey my friends.