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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Have Something To Share With You!

Ive been working on this all day...(not that I got it all this done in one day)

Hanging out here at the farm I find that I can devote alot of time to my projects without the distractions of home....so Ive been hard at work sewing away all day and having a good time doing it. I have a little dvd player going in the sewing room, and so far today I've watched The Hangover and Finding Nemo. I guess I have eclectic movie-viewing taste.

Anyway....here's what I have accomplished so far.

The pattern is from Small Favorites for All Seasons by Barb Adams and Alma Allen. Ive wanted to make this quilt for a couple of years now, so now I'm working onit exclusively.

I never have time to do a Christmas quilt before Christmas.....but after, when it's all cold and snowy (which it most certainly is here...) is a great time to work on one.

So that's it. Gotta get back to the sewing. Lots left to do......


Mimi said...

Well, gosh darn it Sharon. You have to figure out what's going on with you picture thingy. I wanna see pictures!!!

Sharon said...

Well so do I Faye!
In the past it's just been a question of taking the time to do it....now Blogger wont let me post any at all!

Gracie said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi said...

Yeah!!! The quilt is looking great! I love it.

Nancy said...

The Christmas quilt is really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing the other project you finished. You know, this really is the time of year to make a Christmas quilt. Snow outside and the Christmas presures are a thing of the past.