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Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Update

Just wanted to show you chicks that sometimes I do finish (sort-of) some of the things I've started.
(I'be been wanting to share this with you for some time but I lost the transfer cord to my camera)
This is a from a kit I bought in the fall of  2009 at a quilt show in Oxford.  I have the binding all set to go....the back required  some piecing....and some more piecing....and I might applique some "loops" on the back so that it looks like a ribbon on a gift. I need to look thru my stash to see if I have some batting.  I plan to quilt it myself.
This is my Just One Star blockng ...waiting for my siggie and an envelope.  Its on my To-Do list for tomorrow.
And girls, I wanted to show you that I got out our Material Girl Challenge blocks from Way Back When and I'm going to try to work out a setting that I like and I swear, As Bob Is My Witless, that I will get this turned into a top...and a quilt, by the end of the year.

There....I said it.  I put it out there.  So it will happen.

Thats all for now girls.  Talk to you later.


Mimi said...

I loved your snowmen the first time I saw them and am so excited that you are getting it done; and hey, the Material girls blocks are looking good. Can't wait to see them finished, too. You go girl!

Claudette said...

Loving the Material girl one - the one block are you sending it to some one who will create a quilt from everyone's blocks??? If so that is sooo cool.