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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Been Awhile....

But here I am...
I finished a couple of quilts that I wanted to share.
First up is a Blackbird Designs quilt that I wanted to do from the minute I saw the pattern in the book.  I collected the reds, greens and blacks for awhile, and then one day, somewhere around LAST Christmas, I decided to get started on it.

Im glad to have this one all finished, and after I share it with The Quilt Chicks later this week at out Christmas get-together I will hang it up on my wall.

I also finished up this quilt....some Very Good Friends announced earlier in the year that they were going to be grandparents for the Very First Time....and I was so excited at the news that I just had to make a quilt....and as soon as they let us know that the baby-to-be was a boy I knew what I wanted to make.
I took a trip to the local thrift store, grabbed some striped mens shirts and mad this:

As you can see, Jasmine the Resident Quilt Inspector approves of this one.....But I'll put it in the wash, AGAIN, to be sure that it is hair and allergen-free for Baby Mason.
After I share this one with the chicks I will make a date with the new mom and take it over....before that baby is full-grown.

Also to share:
What I'm reading,,,,
And what I have on -the-needles:
Day one of a mystery dishcloth...
A merino lace weight cowl.  Yarn from a shop in East Tawas, Mi.....

So that's it chicks.  Nothing more to chat about.  I have a couple other projects to get to, so I better split!


Unknown said...

They look great!!! Love the little "scene" you created at the front door, very welcoming!

Unknown said...

that first post was from me, btw!

Unknown said...

your daughter, danielle..ugh technology

Claudette said...

Beautiful work, i love the staging of the christmas quilt on the chair.

Mimi said...

Oh Sharon...that quilt is absolutely beautiful and I would forego putting it up on the wall; I love the vignette you have going on the black chair. Of course, I love all your other projects, too. Can't wait to see them this week. No wonder we haven't heard from you much...you've been busy.