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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Very Scrappy Quilt

This is the very bright, Very Scrappy Quilt.  It's still on the floor at the farm, waiting for me to sew the last three seams.  I actually worked on this for awhile after I took the photo, so the piecing at this point is all but done.

I need to make a decision on borders now.  Its been more than a week since I've worked on it so I don't remember the dimensions, so if, at this point, the quilt is the right size for that batik back that I bought in Cinci I will be calling it complete.  I'll know tomorrow when I get back to work on it.


Mimi said...

I love that quilt!

Claudette said...

Are you kidding me, this is fantastic. you have been busy! i need to get out to the farm and get my creative on.

Crystal said...

128I love this quilt. What is the pattern or did you make it up?

Char Sims said...

This a beautiful way to use up all those scraps. What size are the smallest squares? Wish I could figure out how I could add this to my Pinterest page.