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Saturday, September 29, 2012

East Tawas Color Tour

Hey There!
Just sharing some pics of our trip to East Tawas....Tim and I got lucky and got a spot at East Tawas City Park RV joint.....Spot 169...have a great view of the train coming thru at midnight....and then another one that comes thru right after that.  I thought it was funny and it made me crack up.  Tim felt differently.
We went to the Huron National Park, Tawas Point State Park, Oscoda and East Tawas.  Fit it all in in one day and didn't feel like we were rushing or anything.
We stopped at the Garden View Coffee Mill....in Oscoda.  I dont know what it was called before, but the Quilty Chicks went there for lunch a few years back...it was that sweet little  tea place.

Anyway, here's some pics of the day......

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Mimi said...

Great pix. Can't believe the amount of color in the trees since we were up there. Michigan is gorgeous.