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Friday, November 14, 2014


It's Friday!!!!

I didn't want to let the day go by without posting my progress on a new project.
I've been eyeing this fabric for awhile.

It is Emerson by Dear Stella.  I love the blues so much, and the collection had such a nice variety of prints that I just couldn't pass it up. ( The DARK blue is from the Grunge collection)   I couldn't decide on a pattern for awhile--I wanted something that wouldn't cut the print up too small.  I had a few ideas but ended up deciding to use the chevron with no half square tutorial that I used to make THIS quilt.  I had fun quilting it on my long arm and wanted some more practice using my ruler.

There was lots of cutting of strips and sewing and pressing, which went very quickly…

And I've been working this morning on getting my rows sewn together….

I have another couple of hours of sewing and pressing ahead of me…but there are a few other things on today's To Do list, so I'll get back to this one later.



paulette said...

LOVE this fabric...good choice!!!

Mimi said...

I am liking it. You are so prolific.

Nancy said...

Wow...do I love these fabrics and the quilt that's coming to life. Is someone getting it for Christmas?