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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Thaw

Can you chicks believe it is in the high 50's outside today in Michigan? Holy Crap!
Of course I had to go outside and enjoy the weather for awhile. I returned some bottles at Kroger (a fair weather activity for me) and grabbed stuff I could BBQ. Couldn't pass up an opportunity for some chicken on the grill!

After that a quick trip to JoAnns for a couple new balls of cotton yarn for dishcloths & some floss so that I could finally start the Gail Pan "A Christmas Wish" BOM.....
I wanted to do a project that would come from my stash and wasn't a huge commitment. Just needed something new to work on.
I didn't bother to shoot the photo too upclose because my stitching is primitive, at best. I havent done much of this since I was a girl scout. I did enjoy it though, and I look forward to getting started on the next block, which is "merry".

I also thought I should show you this. I finished it a few days ago, but as usual, I procrastinated snapping a pic, so here it is, another block for the hawaiian quilt. I think that has me at 6 blocks completed. I've got another one started that maybe I'll be able to show by the weekend.

That's all I have for now. Get outside and enjoy the weather!


Mimi said...

Love it all. Can't wait to see it all come together. You go girl!!!

Gracie said...

Where did you get the Gail Pan pattern. I love it. I like to that embroidery too and it's looks not so professional but I love to do it anyway.

Nancy said...

I don't remember hearing about the Gail Pan BOM. You'll have to take a picture of the project so we can see what it looks like. Your creativity is really flowing. Keep up the good work.