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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So What Did You Do Today????

I waited in line, in the COLD with my good friend Claudette (aka The Photophreak) at the local Denny's for a free Grand Slam Breakfast.
Now those of you who know me well know that I wouldn't normally wait in a line on a cold February morning for much of anything....not even a free breakfast, but this friend of mine has a way of getting me to let go a bit.....I've known her since I was a pretty young chick (yea, even younger than I am now, if you can believe it), so she knew me When...well, when I did things I don't brag about now but laugh about when I'm with her.

So there we were, with the News Copter hovering over the restaurant, sharking for a parking spot and wondering how long that line would be by the time we got into it and how long it would take to get through it.
We were surrounded by an interesting group of people. Some who probably needed a free meal, some who would have to give up due to the length of the line, people with improperly dressed babies (who most likely needed that free meal) and high schoolers skipping classes who were dressed more for spring than an icy, painfully cold day. An unorganized, fractured wave broke out...but the freezing line standers were unable to keep it going.

Lucky for us, the line moved fairly quickly, and when a counter seat for 2 opened up we jumped at the chance to get inside and warm up. Our feet were just about frozen, but we quickly forgot about the pain as we dove into our pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. It was delish!

A big Thank You to you, Claudette, for calling me and getting me off my butt and out into the world for a little while. I had a great time.


Mimi said...

It's always fun being with friends. Glad you had an adventure today Sharon.

Claudette said...

our nose's are still red :)

Nancy said...

I'm "laughing out loud" because at dinner last night the discussion was about those crazy people who stood out in the cold for a couple of pancakes. In a million years I never thought you'd be one of them.

Gracie said...

OMG! I'm totally LOL! I laughed at the news and all the people standing in line. Never thought you'd be one of those people.

Sharon said...

I would say that I am quite proud to be one of the nutts that waited in line on a freezing cold day to rediscover the pancake-y goodness that is a Grand Slam!