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Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't Be Getting Any Big Ideas....

That I'm suddenly going to become some over-achieving blogger just because I blogged 2 days in a row. It means nothing. It just means that I wasn't willing to continue sitting on my bed watching the Jennifer Aniston movie marathon on the Lifetime channel.

Right now they are showing The Breakup. I've only seen this movie a dozen times.

So...............I'll share a few photos, type a few words, and then I'll slip back into my role as Slacker Blogger. I'm good at that. I'm comfortable with that designation. Don't think that your encouraging words will change that. They won't.

Here's Rob....with his Christmas Quilt. I would have liked to get a better pic, with less clutter in the way, perhaps one that actually showed some detail of the quilt itself. Alas, that was not to be. Perhaps another time.

Here is The Fabulous Nicole in her apron........the fabric is shopping bags on a black background. So Her!

And here's Danielle's apron. The fabric is (obviously) and Eiffel Tower print that I got at Rainbow's End in Florida. Come to think of it, I think Nicole's apron fabric came from there as well.
Lastly, here is Tim in his Christmas scarf. Again, my pic doesn't show alot of detail. Not sure what I was thinking as I took my pics this year. I knitted it in front of him....he never even asked about it until a couple of days before Christmas. I think I said it was for Rob.

So that's it for now, girls. It's all I've got. Well, except for this:

Happy New Year!


Mimi said...

Pictures are great! Gifts are great! ...and I am still going to encourage you to continue blogging because you are always working on something that we want you to share with us!!!

Sharon said...

Ok. I'll do it.

Claudette said...

Great family photo! Cute handmade gifts, rob's quilt turned out great!

Gracie said...

Your gifts look GOOD, Girl!