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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

My header pic is one I took while in Traverse City a couple of weeks ago. As we were driving up there the weather went from Not-So-Great to We-Shouldn't-Be-Doing-This!!!!!.............. But we made it there safely and it ended up being a beautiful weekend.

The Bay was starting to freeze, and the ice was piling up and the snow was blowing:

But inside our condo at The Lodge we were sipping wine in front of the fire and we were toasty warm:
We're looking forward to another trip Up North soon...........


Mimi said...

All I can say is ....aaaahhhhhh....how nice to be inside by the fire and be warm!

Nancy said...

Weekend get-aways.....aren't they great! Did you take your knitting with you or was Tim the entertainment for the weekend?

Gracie said...

Geesh! I look at your blog every couple days for MONTHS and nothing! I miss it for a few days and you're going crazy with the posting! I love it! The posting and the header. Almost makes me want to be in Michigan again---NOT!

Sharon said...

But V, our weather is almost the same as YOURS these days! I just saw the news people standing in Plant City, talking about the possibility of losing the strawberries again!
As for the knitting, N, I knitted like a crazy person all the way home. Didn't even touch it while we were there. I cant knit with a wine glass in my hand!