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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Finish....

This morning I'm sharing this quilt that I finished the end of December.  Procrastination kept me from taking the pictures and posting them.
I made this with a bundle of Fig Tree fat quarters from a few years back....and it was quilted by Karen sometime last year.

It still doesn't have a label.....

On another note....the Man Shirt quilt is now up to 91 blocks...with 2+ shirts left to use.
Not sure if that will make it as large as I want it to be or not.  Hope to know by the end of the day today!


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Mimi said...

Good God Sharon! You are leaving me in your dust! You are really on a mission to get things completed. This quilt turned out fabulous. I love it! You are really going to town on your man shirt quilt, too. That will be another beautiful quilt!