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Friday, October 25, 2013

I Require Supervision

I tried to fight the urge, but this morning I loaded two bags of donations into the hatchback and headed off to the thrift store.  It's Friday.  You know what that means.
5 for $5.00.
And I didn't quit with 5…I went for 20.

The selection was very good this morning.  Some very kind hearted person seemed to group all the yellow tags (The color of the day) at the front of the rack…so it didn't even take much effort on my part.
I found lots of blues and greens, a red and some fun oranges.
I DID leave a few behind for other bargain shoppers.  I'm nice that way.
I also bought 5 new (to me) books.  They are 5 for $1.00!
I'm set for my winter reading now.

This is a view out of my front window….

The colors of fall always make me happy!


Claudette said...

Such a colorful post, i love it.

Mimi said...

Eventually, we are all going to be able to shop at your house.