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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Change of Pace

The sun is out today!  It's a whopping 36* outside and if I had a brain in my head I would be outside squinting and avoiding the huge potholes that are surely opening up today and swallowing cars whole.
But instead I walked on my treadmill (in the basement) and started a new quilt (also in the basement.
Ridiculous, I know, for so many reasons.  There are 2 abandoned BOM's in bins waiting to be revisited.  Three quilts on 3 design walls waiting to be completed.  Countless others in piles and drawers….Yet I ignored them all in favor of some instant gratification.

I got the fabric a couple weeks ago at Guildcrafters Quilt Shop in Berkley, Mi. 
The Background fabric is a Michael Miller flannel and the "solids" are Quilters Linen by Robert Kaufman.  

This was a super simple quilt that I made from the Moondance pattern by Villa Rose Designs …its just a little 4x6 pattern card that cost a couple bucks that I also found it at Guildcrafters.
The quilt finished at 40"x50", so it will be super easy to quilt it myself.

That's it for now.  I just wanted to check in.  Ttyl!


Claudette said...

love this!!!

Mimi said...

Love it. Is it flannel? The background looks like the same fabric that I used for the baby chevron in purples. I think it turned out great.