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Monday, March 10, 2014

Talking to Myself Today...

Actually talking to myself.  Out loud.
Having to tell myself "No New Starts!"
"Finish Something!!!"
So I pulled out this quilt.  

The top and these two borders have been this way since late September of 2010.
I loved working on these blocks…
So why has it been folded up in a bin for all this time?
I have no excuse.
I decided to press it and get back to work on it.  First up…dealing with that potentially wavy border on the left side.  I can see the ripples in it…and I'm pretty sure that it is 1/2" too long, but I think the larger problem is that the 1/2 square triangles border is where the problem begins.
However…I'm not sure I care to try to remedy that…it might be too much work.
(will it quilt out? )
And that mistake in the upper right corner?  Not sure I care to fix that either.
Perfection is not my issue……
But laziness is.

Now in addition to the wonky border, I have another problem
This quilt is 90" square 
It has a vine and leaves that need to be appliquéd all the way around.
I'm not so sure that I care to hold that whole quilt in my lap.
I'm thinking it will be a big pain in my ass.
Should I even admit that I don't want to have to fold the thing up every time I'm done working on it?
So this is what I'm pondering.
I'm thinking I should do the appliqué on each border and then join them to the quilt.  I can leave extra stem hanging off the end and join the ends after I sew the border on.

Do me a favor and leave me a comment…let me know how you would proceed.  I need to get this thing done.



Claudette said...

A journey of a thousand mile begins with one step! Pick one thing and tackle it -

Mimi said...

Are you saying there is one more border that is supposed to have the vine on it? If so, yes, I would applique that border (very lightweight), leave some tails, and then attach it to the quilt and then work those tails together. As for the other problems, only you can decide if you want to rip and redo.