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Friday, December 5, 2014

Quilting for Charity

A while back Quilter Helen mentioned a woman who was buying a building to house / help homeless veterans.  Very recently I saw a posting on Facebook about the home, as well as a local news report  that highlighted what was being done to help the homeless veterans, along with the great need that these men had as they try to make their way in the world and get on their feet.  
I'm always so moved by this subject, and I knew I had to commit to doing what I could to help.

I made one trip there, recently, after a plea went out for assistance for one Vet and her family.
After being there I knew I had to do more…..and I went home and immediately starting cutting into my thrifted shirts collection.
I needed to do something fast and simple, all the whole hoping it wasn't going to be too simple.
I decided to go with 12.5" squares….and I threw in a couple 4 patches to break things up.

I chose the Bauhaus panto that I borrowed from Quilt Chick Nancy..

 Which did a nice job of taking those shirting squares from Blah to Cool!….

 And this is what I ended up with. 

I'll get the binding done this weekend, wash it up and show you the finished product!



Mimi said...

Looks great Sharon. At this rate, you are going to have to make another run for shirts soon. I think this quilt will be loved.

Sharon said...

Girl! I'm a LONG way from having to make a shirts run.
If you only knew……..

Mimi said...

Oh, believe me... I was being facetious. :D By the way....what's the significance of the blue post its?

Sharon said...

The post its were just marking the edges of my quilt/quilting…

Mimi said...

That's not very wide. You just doing the borders in that panto?

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

There is certainly NO shortage of shirts based on what I saw over Thanksgiving Mimi!! haha- She can make a solid dozen more quilts with her stash!