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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Minus 1 Degree Celsius, -29* Windchill

I'm not ging to let a little cold weather stop me from taking the mandatory quilt-in-a-snowbank picture.

I'm loving the look of the blues in the snow…these fabrics from the Emerson collection by Dear Stella.
I used the same tutorial that I used here for my grey and yellow quilt 
from Crazy Mom Quilts…..

 Tim, being the good sport that he is, braved the extreme cold to hold my quilt for a picture

The gusty winds worked against his best efforts…

I'm going to stare at this one for a bit….and then get to work on another comfort quilt for a sweet little girl.
Ttyl, Chicks!


Nancy said...

Love the finished quilt. I got a real chuckle out of the pictures of Tim. I especially liked the one of him wrapped in the quilt. Great quilt.....great pictures.

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

I laughed at Dad's struggle too! Looks like at the end the best thing to do was just wrap up in it!

Also LOVING the composition of the quilt on the ladder at the farm. great colors!

Mimi said...

Love it; and Tim is such a good sport. How did you quilt this one?

Sharon said...

Thanks Faye. I used a panto called Splash.
The photo is upside down in the snowbank..but click on that pic and you should be able to see the pattern.

Nichole Grieser said...

LOL! Yes Danielle. You can see dad's struggle in those photos =]