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Monday, February 2, 2015


We had a great "Snow Event" yesterday/ last night / this morning.
The official total is 16.7".
After lots of blowing and drifting overnight, it looked something like this in front of my house:

I (not) having a wonderful time clearing the snow….it might be light, powdery and beautiful but I am starting to have trouble lifting it high enough to get it out of the way…..

While I rest my arms and back and warm myself up I can share a finished project that I got to mark off my UFO list:

Big Blue.  My Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt (Thank you Bonnie Hunter / Quiltville)!
This was the 2014 Quilt Chicks Challenge quilt.  Mine is 96" square….made from thrifted shirts with a linen backing.  It weighs a ton…and I love it.  It has been sitting waiting for the binding to be sewn on for months….and it's actually been done for a couple weeks now, but I'm a procrastinator sometimes when it comes to sharing finished projects.

Last share for now:

This…the snow over the man hole cover in my driveway.

Have a great day, chicks!


Elle_Girl_NYC said...

So glad that wasn't part of my commute this morning!!!! Looks pretty though!

Mimi said...

The quilt looks great. The snow I can do without. I think we got about 14 inches. Now the grate in your driveway made a pretty snowflake design. One good thing about the snow...it's pretty.

Claudette said...

That quilt is beautiful. i also love the shot of the manhole!

Wendy said...

The snow looks so pretty. And that quilt is beautiful, love the shirting's idea.

Shelly Jack said...

Beautiful quilt work! I am missing the snow these days! Yes I know, I'm crazy ;)