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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Little Cat Knitting….

My latest project, hot off the needles last night.  A knitted cowl for Doug the Cat.
It's knitting season for me, and after making several cowls for the girls, friends and myself I decided Doug needed one as well.  I found this little beauty on a blog that linked me to Ravelry…
it is The Triangle Cowl for Tiny Creatures by Sylvia Bo Bilvia.
It only took a tiny bit of yarn and a few minutes of knitting seed stitch, which is not my my favorite and my hands are not happy this morning….
I'll be seeing Doug this evening so he will get a chance to try this on and I will treat him to a little fashion photo shoot.
But for now, the cowl is being modeled by Rex.  He likes it very much.

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Elle_Girl_NYC said...

I cannot wait to see it on Doug!