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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today's project is inspired by my youngest daughter.  An aspiring  Crazy Cat Lady and Future Animal Hoarder who's compassion and love for the homeless and un-loved animals in the world is tempered by me, her (hyper-critical) mother who claims to be THE VOICE OF REASON when it comes to all things feline and canine.
This child is the mother of Doug the Cat, who has been featured on this blog as well as Instagram and Facebook.

In an effort to get my girl to switch her focus from the desire to own all the animals she sees on the rescue sites, I suggested that she perhaps volunteer in another capacity.
Like making kennel quilts for the animals in the shelters.
(One thing I didn't think about , until now, was that if she delivered those quilts to the shelter, she might be overcome with the need to rescue those animals and bring one or more home with her…)

Like I was saying,
I suggested the idea of making some kennel quilts.  She did a search and sent me a link to some directions / sizes.
So here I am, today, with several projects littering my sewing table, sewing fabrics I really don't like and using batting scraps to make some of those darn quilts.
(The daughter is no where in sight.)
These are NOT works of art.  
I'm just using up fabric and getting it out of here.

Finished size 12" x 18"
More to come…


P.S.  ….  I'm hoping that as I go along I will uncover my Pineapple Crazy blocks that I have LOST in the chaos of my sewing space.


Anonymous said...

YAAAY!!! I'm so happy you're making these =]=] <3 And you're 100% right that if I delivered them, I would bring home every cat they had

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

haha! get your butt over there nicole!!!

Great use of Fabric mom!

Mimi said...

Yup...I can see this backfiring on you. Cute idea though. Do these just line the bottom of their cages? They are so small. I see a few more of these in your future.