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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bloglovin'….and other things….

I love following blogs through Bloglovin'.  
It makes it so easy to see who's doing what…all the inspiration and information I need is just waiting for me, every morning.
It's a huge timesaver…and it cuts down on my already over-flowing email inbox.
The only down-side?  Sometimes I get lost in other peoples projects and creativity, and neglect my own!!!!!
So now, A Certain Someone should know that SHE can follow ME via Bloglovin'!

I took a very simple project with me on my recent beach trip.
Reverse appliqued circles, inspired by someone i found, obviously, on another blog!
(I'll find the name and share it)
I had purchased  quite a few indigo batik fabrics and a creamy colored Grunge fabric with the thought that they were going to before something entirely different.  The need for a take along project had me cutting them up at the last minute.

So the sky, water, sand and shells proved to be a bit inspiring to me…and as I walked along the beach, (trying to get all my steps in), I took pictures and collected shells, many that had little holes worn through them, and I had an idea…

I'm going to keep stitching these circles…and I'll see where this takes me.



Nancy said...

I also love Bloglovin since you told me about it. It's so much faster to go there than check out each favorite blog individually. This new quilt you're making is absolutely wonderful. You come up with such great ideas.

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

I love how this turned out!!!!

Mimi said...

I love where this is going. You are soooooo creative!

Anonymous said...

Holy shells!