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Monday, April 3, 2017

Still Here...

I didn't fall off the face of the earth, but there are times I feel like I have, or wish that I had....
But I'm still here.
The Hibiscus quilt from last year is quilted, finished and stashed away.
Not sure, off the top of my head, what quilts I have finished since then but I have done a whole lot of knitting in the last 6 months or so.
Here's my latest finish:
The Maeve Cowl by Vanessa Knits.
No surprise that I cannot flip this thing around...but hopefully I'll get a chance to edit and make that happen.
I used Cascade Yarn Sierra Quatro yarn.  Its an 80% Cotton/ 20% wool.
The color is prettier and more vividly yellow (think corn on the cob )..
I do not enjoy cotton yarn at all---it's too hard on my hands...but I loved the color.
The fact that I got it for $4.75 on sale made me like it even more!
I also made these Toast Mitts (one of 3 pair knit this winter)...pattern by Leslie Friend @A Friend To Knit With.  The yarn is by Berrocco and I've had it stashed for quite a while!  This pair was sent to Elle in NYC.
And this is The Photographer Hat...I'll have to look for designer.  Made with some (very difficult to photograph) wool from Purl Soho that I picked up while visiting in February.  Super easy knit!  And as you can see, the girl likes it.

All super simple knits....which is why they are done.  I have a couple slightly more challenging projects still on the needles...and hope to have one of them done soon and ready to share.



Elle_Girl_NYC said...

Hearing you describe knitting with cotton makes me cringe and makes my hands feel dry! Love the shout out! woo hoo!

Nichole Grieser said...

I really want one of those black beanies mom! I've been wanting one all winter!!! black! please!!!??!?!!

Sharon said...

Nichole Renee....I actually have another ball of that yarn! You might just get beenie!

Mimi said...

Glad to see that you are still around. Now...you need to remember and post some of the quilting that you have been doing.