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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Nancy's Scraps

Some of my favorite moments in my sewing room seem to involve playing with scraps. Specifically...Nancy's scraps. She gifted me a bag quite some time ago. It was an absolute treasure trove of bits, pieces, BIGGER pieces and leftover block units. Some of them were from the Tilda line, and Nancy had just made an adorable quilt from thos fabrics. I was sort of surprised that they had made it into that bag of scraps, but then Nancy isn't as sentimental about her fabrics as I sometimes can be. Anyway, since I had been on a bag making kick for the Bridal shower, I pieced those pretty scraps in the quilt as you go method...and Made this pretty little bag (complete with one of Alyson's zipper fobs) and gave it to Nancy in October. Here is it:


Nancy said...

And I love the bag. What Sharon hasn't told you is that I have so much fabric that I can afford to give away all my scraps. Especially when I know someone (Sharon) loves to make quilts and bags with small pieces of fabric. Expect more in the future Sharon.

Mimi said...

That bag is adorable.