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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Blustery Fall Saturday

Started out the day in a bit of a cleaning frenzy. After inhaling a toxic cloud that I created with ammonia and soft scrub (don't try this at home!) I've decided to quilt with the cleaning and move on to more pleasurable (and safer) pursuits.

Thought I'd start out by showing you chicks what I have on the needles..or what will be on them in the near future.

I think I by show'll begin by showing you this: Yep. It's Purl.

Went there with The Child who Resides in NYC last week. The Spouse was such a good sport. He even went into the store and petted some of the yarn. Then he sat on the bench outside. One thing that really struck me about this store, besides it's awesome inventory, is that is wasn't even as large as my kitchen. It was really something to see. Very small, packed with people, and everyone very friendly and helpful. I bought this:

Manos del Uraguay kettle dyed wool, in a dusty plum/violet color. The pattern I bought is a vest-like shrug. I am looking forward to casting on with this and getting to work on it. I think it will be just the ticket to keep my warm this winter.

This is something I have been working on for a little while...I think I cast on the first time in East Tawas at The Harbor Star. I've knitted, ripped, re-knitted and discovered at one point that I had made 2 right hands and ripped again. I got the yarn at Skeins on Main in Rochester, Mi. I've made a few changes in the pattern to make the cuff longer.

Lastly, I picked up some chunky Misty Alpaca to make a gift with...it is the softest, dreamiest yarn I have ever fondled. Here's a peek at it: I know you want to touch it.......and you can. If you are the lucky recipient. If you are not, I got mine at Crafty Lady Trio in Macomb, Mi. They have more.

You chicks have a great day. Hope you are getting alot done and having fun doing it. TTYL!


qltnbe said...

Oh, that window display for Purl looks like confection!!!

Gracie said...

Sure wished I could have been a mouse in your pocket at Purl in NYC