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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Sunday Evening Post

I know that it was a blustery day today, but I thought those dark blue-grey skys were gorgeous! They really stood out against the pale straw color of the corn out at the farm.

And speaking of the corn out at the farm----look at what was waiting for us as we pulled up the driveway!

Yep..........it's Harvest Time. We've been wondering when Farmer C was going to show up and start taking the corn down. We were afraid we might miss it.

This is what it looked like before it was cut:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And this is what it looked like after.

The machine that does the work is huge and more than just a little noisy. After it cuts the corn the farmer unloads it into his truck and it looks something like this:

And then, just before he drives away it looks something like this....

Yea, I know. Agriculture is just about as exciting a spectator sport as there will ever be. Sorry you couldn't have been there to witness it for yourselves.

So while the corn was being harvested I worked on some blue wool wristers that are destined to be a Christmas gift. I found the pattern on Knitty.com, and it's been super easy to work up. I have some grey wool that I'll be making another pair with when these are done. Here is a peek at them: These are nice and long, and very warm. I think that they will keep their recipient very warm and cozy!

I didn't have a chance to get to the sewing machine yet today, but the night is still young. Of course, most of what I'm sewing is for Christmas so I cant do very much sharing there right now. Maybe tomorow I'll find something to work on that I can share.

I guess I can show these pics from last weeks NYC Trip. First is The daughter and her dad in fron of Artichokes...and AWESOME pizza place. Yes, I know that the pics are sideways. I'm technologically imparedand my photo software says I cant edit them the way I want to. Please... just deal with it. Next is a pic of The Spouse and I in our daughters apartment. There is enough room to open the oven all the way, but I'm not sure that there was much more space than that. Imagine, if you will what it would be like to make Thanksgiving dinner in a kitchen of this size......She's going to be doing just that this year. Hopefully she will have pics to share. It should be an interesting experience. Did I mention that she has no kitchen table?

That's all from me for tonight girls. The knitting, sewing and quilting isn't going to knit, sew and quilt itself.
Talk to you later!


Gracie said...

You are putting me to shame. I knew you should write a book. Love the pic's even if they are sideways.

Sharon said...

How the heck did you read that so fast....I've just gotten it posted!!

qltnbe said...

We just saw that big machine at Henry Ford Museum and we were guessing it was for harvesting corn. How about that?

Love all the pix, too; sideways or not.