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Monday, December 22, 2008

19 Degrees Fahrenheit

Baby! It's Cold Outside!

My girls are driving on snow and ice encrusted freeways to get to East Lansing, and I'm trying to keep myself occupied in an effort to keep my mind off all the terrible things that could happen between here and there. There are cars in the ditches and medians and the going is slow, but they are checking in from time to time to let us know that they are ok.

So.....I thought I'd work on something to keep my mind off all that.

I started off with my Christmas Presence charm squares. I turned a pack or two of them into 1/2 square triangles sometime last year and then put them away. Pulled those out and started playing around with them.....

And decided that I'm still not that fond of them and I'm going to put them away again.

Then I read an email from Nancy, and she mentioned looking forward to starting a new prorject and I thought that sounded like a great idea...until I pulled out a mound of future projects and found this one underneath them all:

And I decided that I would rather finish this one and send it off to the quilter before I start on anything else. I discovered that I have 5 blocks finished, with 4 in various stages of preparation. I'm pleased to say that I still like this one, and I'm looking forward to working on it again. All I need to do now is pack up all those other WIP's so that they don't distract me and get to work.

Hope you Michigan chicks are warm and safely ensconced in your sewing rooms....and for those of you in warmer climates....you should thank your lucky stars that you are not here!


Mimi said...
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Mimi said...

I am trying to figure out from the picture if these are your blocks or if they are pictures of the blocks. They are beautiful and so you. When did you start them? I can't wait to see this one completed.

Sharon said...

The blocks are mine, Mimi. Thanks for the compliment!
I started that more than a year ago, I think. Shame on me, huh?

Mimi said...

No shame on you. That's what quilter's do. I don't remember ever seeing that block, but it is going to be as striking as your red, green and white quilt that you just completed.

Nancy said...

OMG....I don't remember ever seeing these blocks. You've been keeping secrets. They're beautiful and I want to get my hands on this pattern.

Gracie said...

I totally forgot about that quilt. I do remember seeing you work on it and now you must finish it. It's so gorgeous,S.

bakerfam77 said...

I really like that quilt you started working on again.. Can you get my mom to make one like that one!!! Gee, it's after10pm and it's a little chill here - 72 degrees!!!! Maybe Tim would like to read the Palm Beach Post and not the Tampa Tribune!!!!!