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Friday, December 5, 2008

A Quilty Chicks Get Together

Today The Material Girls, aka The Quilty Chicks, had their Christmas Get-Together which was hosted by Nancy. Nancy has been under the weather lately, but still managed to have her home beautifully decorated and was able to make us some delightful olive burgers.

Our fourth member Vicki couldn't be with us due to her move to The Sunshine State, and we hope she was enjoying her day as much as we were.
This sideways photo is of a hawaiian block that Faye needle-turned & hand quilted, and is giving to her friend for Christmas. The photo doesn't do it justice. She does beautiful work.
This is a horrendous photo of a darling little love cover, a tiny quilt made by Faye for one of her chairities.
And here is Nancy's grandaughter Kaitlyns quilt. Either a very bad camera or a bad photographer failed to capture the darling loopy quilting on the back, done by Karen the Quilter.
This is for Nancy's other granddaughter Samantha. Again Karen did some darling quilting, and that together with Nancy's eye for color and pattern made for a very pretty quilt .

Lastly, there is Peters Summer Quilt. This one has the most awesome backing!

Here are the chicks showing off their new gloves, and there is also a pic that I couldn't post before now of the make up bags I made them:

And here is Faye and I with our gorgeous paper stacks and fat quarters.

We had such a nice afternoon. Thanks to both of you, Nancy and Faye, for the lovely gifts and company.


qltnbe said...

Thank you for sharing our pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed our day of chatting, sharing, eating and just plain getting together. Thank you both for the lovely gifts. Loved them all

Nancy said...

It's always wonderful to share a day with good friends who enjoy quilting, talking, laughing and eating as much as I do. Thank you for the beautiful thoughtful gifts. You chicks really are the best.

Gracie said...

Love,loved the pic's. Not as good as being there but almost. Still dreaming of those olive burgers.