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Friday, December 26, 2008

Rest In Peace, Margaret.

If any of you are Detroit Red Wings Fans, you may have at one time or another seen The Knitting Lady in the stands....at least that is what I always called her. Well, The Knitting Lady was named Margaret, and the television announcer just reported that Margaret passed away.
Seeing Margaret there, knitting away, always made me smile.
I'll miss her.


Mimi said...

Well, I am not familiar wtih Margaret, but what was her fame (other than your knitting name) that the announcer would say something regarding her death? Maybe the fact that she was ALWAYS there?....in the same seat?...or something?

bakerfam77 said...

Even the sorry Red Wing fan here in Southern Fl, remembers Margaret from years past!!! Thoughts are with her family!!!! Hope you are warming up. Just spent some time with mom and dad after Christmas and enjoyed it - I don't know bout them, I think they were ready to leave.. Zman can drive anyone crazy!!!!!! Hope your Christmas was great and New Years even better!!!! Danielle
PS - it's 82 right now!!!!

Sharon said...

When Margaret was at the game the camera man would always find her and the announcers would chuckle at her.....
Her claim to fame was simply that she was there, needles and yarn in hand, working away while the game went on. I think she is (was) as much of a fixture there as Mo' Cheese....The guy who dances to the song The Curley Shuffle.
Guess you'd have to be a fan.