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Friday, July 25, 2014


I love Fridays!  They always seem so wide open to me…The beginning of the weekend, the possibility of getting together with friends and having fun….and since I have declared it My Day Off I don't have to make dinner.
That leaves me lots of time to do what I like to do.
Like tend the garden:

 That's my 5 foot Mortgage Lifter tomato plant to my right……

 And this is my first large tomato of the year!

And this is some fun new fabric that is destined to become yet another baby quilt.
After staring at the fabric for more than an hour this morning I have finally decided what I am making and the cutting has begun.
Stay tuned…..


Nancy said...

Have you been out fabric shopping without me? Great fabric.....Great tomato!

Sharon said...

We will go to the quilt shop when you get back in town!

Claudette said...

Wouldja look at how cute you are, love the veggies and fabric!