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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Finished Top

So......here are those bullseye blocks.
All sewn together.....

I'm still not in love with the thing but it doesn't matter.
A big Thank You to my friend Nancy for the gift of fabric from her stash that I used for the borders...there are several more cuts that will work great as the back and the binding.
I'm looking forward to getting it quilted, bound and washed....and donated at the next guild meeting.



Mimi said...

I am impressed. You go girl. That looks really good; but if you aren't loving it, a charity quilt is the perfect choice then. You're on a roll!!!

Nancy said...

Well that was fast! It's beautiful and someone is going to feel very lucky to receive it. You're getting so much sewing done and I feel the pressure to get busy on all my projects.

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

You'll be happy to have it off your hands!!

paulette said...

This quilt is a beauty!! WOW!