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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scraps, Mostly

I was trying to clean up my disaster-area sewing space.
As usual, I got sidelined.
I found a pile of un-sewn bullseye blocks that I had long ago abandoned when I learned that sewing with scraps that I didn't like only created blocks that I didn't like.....
So these got packed away, thinking that I would toss them into my donation bag and drop them off at the thrift shop.
Well, I never did that, and the pieces have resurfaced.
My cleaning and tidying stopped and I decided to sew them together and turn them into a charity quilt for the guild I belong to.

I still don't like them all that much, but I'll get these squared up, sewn together, and have them out of my life once and for all by the end of the month.
I look forward to seeing them done.

Working on those bullseye blocks has just added more to my overflowing scrap pile!
(One of many, I'm sorry to say)

Before I had to leave my sewing room for the day I got another Pineapple Crazy block done.

Only about 250 more to go...


Mimi said...

Your bullseye blocks really aren't that bad! It's going to be a fun quilt. Oh and in your pineapple quilt...I swear I see a fabric in there that I had a granny dress made out of...that was back in the 60s. Geesh.

Nancy said...

You must have made those bullseye blocks before I ever met you, because I don't remember you making them. I think it will be a great quilt when it's finished. N

Anonymous said...

Your stash is quite impressive. You could open your own store ;)

Anonymous said...

I just noticed there are two "N"'s
the second comment was me, your daughter =]