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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Playing with Scraps

For some reason, I decided to start making these Pineapple Crazy blocks from the Bonnie Hunter book String Fling.
There are 45 pieces in each 5" block, but like Bonnie said in her blog post today 
they are all short seams!

The top 4 blocks show how the dark pattern emerges.
There are 250+ of these blocks in the quilt , and that doesn't count the border blocks.
I have no deadline for making this quilt.
I'm just going to make the blocks when I feel like it.
One thing is for certain, I have more than enough scraps to use to make this thing!


Mimi said...

If you don't have enough scraps, I am sure we know a couple of people who do. ;D
Love those little blocks!

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

You're patience and determination to do this quilt is beyond anything I could ever do! But I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!