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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day, 2016

Mother's Day Doug

Doug stayed with us this weekend, which resulted in very little sleep for some of us.
Shortly after posing on my kitchen table with the flowers I received from my son, Doug embarked on a very long nap….

Yesterday I finally got to quilting Nancy's charity quilt 
(which has been in my possession for almost 2 months)
The quilt and back were so square that it was easy to load and work on.
MY work is imperfect, but I enjoyed the practice and look forward to the next one.

In addition to the flowers I received from my son, Elle & Nik sent me these beautiful macaroons from NYC, and Nik had these note cards printed from one of her recent photos.
I'm feeling blessed!



Elle_Girl_NYC said...

Those cards are soo pretty!!!! Hope you enjoy the macaroons as much as we did!!!

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

eat any more macaroons yet??

Sharon said...

Not Yet!

Mimi said...

Sharon....someone is going to love that quilt. You did a great job on it. Don't discount yourself. The macaroons look yummy and the cards are beautiful! Flowers are always appreciated. Now...I have to say that Doug looks like he really enjoyed your Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day