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Thursday, May 12, 2016


I've made a baby-sized plus quilt , a plus pillow, and now a lap-sized plus quilt, this time in neutrals.
The last time I mentioned this quilt was in December of 2015.

Crappy lighting today…no helpers available to hold it up anywhere.

I feel bad that I let this one sit so long, un-quilted.
But now it's done.  Washed.  Squishy and fabulous.
Minky-backed.  Ready to be loved.

A little peak at one of my little garden spaces.  Everything is so green and lush right now!



Anonymous said...

Love the neutrals/monochromatic look of that quilt. We should design one together!
Plants look awesome too. The rain will do them good this afternoon =]

Have a good day!! Love you!


Elle_Girl_NYC said...

Love the texture that the quilting adds to your plus quilt!! And minky back!? That sounds like a dream, can I place my order now???

Mimi said...

Are you saying this is NOT the quilt we saw the other day and that it is another one? If so, I am very impressed. I love your plus quilt and the neutrals really make it. I love it that you daughter thinks she has to put in a order, too. :D I am so glad Spring has finally arrived!!!

Anonymous said...

Lookin gooooood