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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Beautiful, Sunny Friday......

And for some reason I'm spending way too much of it on this computer, rather than being near a sunny window or actually getting outside and enjoying it!
Anyway..........here is my first block of Juniper and Mistletoe. I'm not totally happy with my stitching on the stars. I didn't do a good job of matching thread colors so every single stinking stitch shows.
Oh well. I'm not tearing anything out.
However, seeing the way they turned out sort of takes away my urge to work on the next block. So---don't expect to see the next one any time soon!


Sharon said...

For some reason, none of my post has shown up....I've edited x3....and still nothing. I give up.

Sharon said...

Ok.......so now I cleared my edits and reverted back to my origional template....problems solved.

Mimi said...

Well, I don't know what's going on, but I love your block! AND!!! OMG!...look at your quilt on your header!!! I love it. You are my red and green inspiration.

Gracie said...

I LOVE THAT QUILT! And don't you dare give up on the Juniper blocks. It looks just fine to me. Remember stars are like snowflakes---everyone of them are different. Keep going. I love that quilt.

Nancy said...

OMG....What a wonderful surprise to see your beautiful applique quilt at the top of your blog. The Juniper block is as cute as can be and I'm hoping to see more. Remember what you tell all of us about the antique quilts made by our grandmothers, they have more charm and character then the quilts of today. If it's made with love, it's going to be a wonderful heirloom quilt for your grandchildren one day.