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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Nasty Headache....

Has gotten me down. Needless to say, I havent been very creative (or obsessed) lately. Lucky for me, I have friends who ARE obsessed & creative, and have provided me with pics of their most recent work.
Nancy and Vicki were both inspired by Rouenneries by French General....and here's what they were compelled to make. (We'll go alphabetically!)
First is Nancy's Basket Quilt. She took her inspiration from an Alex Anderson pattern.And now here is Vicki's.

Same fabrics, with a very different look. I'll add the pattern name when Vicki sees this and lets me know what it was....(Stars of Grace from McCalls Quilting October 2009)

Both are absolutely beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them Chicks.


Gracie said...

Hey, my quilt looks pretty darn good. The pattern is called Stars of Grace from the McCalls Oct quilting issue. I'm giving it to my Gracie(Miss Kaylee) I know she'll love it. Hope the headaches give up their fight and leave you alone soon.

Sharon said...

Kaylee will love that quilt! I imagine you have quite a few that you'll give to her over the next several years---and she will really treasure them!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing the quilts with blogland. We "Quilty Chicks" do love making quilts. I haven't quite finished the basket quilt and I'm already thinking about the next quilt.

ranette said...

Gorgeous quilts made with gorgeous fabric!