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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Quilt for Ani Grace

My sons friend Adam and his wife Irina just had their first baby, Ani Grace.
I have yet to see a picture of her, but with a name like Ani Grace I assume that she is breathtakingly beautiful….pink and plump, with precious bow shaped lips.
I hope I'm right.

 Minky backing, again.  Because it is Delicious!
Super simple loopy quilting...

I hope they like it!

****A quick note:  I just discovered that I first blogged about this in 2011 when I finished the top.  I waited years to quilt it?  Now that is what I call procrastination!  ****


Mimi said...

Wow...you are going to be the "go to minkee gal". I am impressed. The quilt is adorable. I am sure little Ani is going to love it.

Claudette said...

Beautiful and i am so impressed with your quilting!

Nancy said...

Another great quilt. Ani Grace will be dragging this quilt around for years to come.

Elle_Girl_NYC said...

did you ever see a photo? or get a picture of her in it??